Logo design & Branding - Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop

For Marsweets I created this offset colour logo. I wanted an abstract & minimal aesthetic design. I researched local cake shops in the competitive areas to differentiate my logo creation in some form. One goal for this was to keep it bright, charming and sweet. The three colours chosen (Magenta, Cyan and Yellow) are bright and supporting the nature of this business, which is to sell mouth watering, eye-catching desserts.

Early sketch idea started here with this image. I removed the circle to allow more space and freedom with the logo. The cake is partly silhouetted. It uses the negative space within and outside to offer a familiar imagery people recognize quickly.

Stationary Design - Layout is clear, open and plays with negative space

Package Design - Soft coloured box with logo featured on front. Clean and bold with attractive visual branding

Sticker Designs - Used to seal cake boxes/containers & promote

Apparel Design - Neutral background which allows logo to be bold. Clothing is appropriate & mature for all ages while also being stylish

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