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This is a menu redesign of the restaurant, "Toast on Bloor". I featured cool and casual illustrations of dishes offered on the menu with bold, easy to read fonts. I visited the restaurant to feel the vibe and try the food. I wrote down some quick ideas and images that popped up and I knew illustrations would bring their menu alive. I began to sketch the dishes on the menu.

I decided to not include much colour on the menu because the restaurant gives each customer a new paper menu. These menu are prone to tears and messes. It would be too costly for the restaurant to pay for the extra ink with each printing they completed. The only colour included on this menu was found inside the restaurants interiors. The mint green was a great way to tie the menu back into Toast on Bloor. The menu is clear and concise with a rustic tone.

Sketch to final illustration.

Another example of sketch to finish Illustration.

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